Love is a choice. Purpose is a choice. But joy is the
result of our choices to love and live a purposeful life.
When I choose to love, joy is the outcome. When I
choose to live with purpose, joy is the legacy. When
I choose to respond to the reality of Jesus, joy writes
my story.

— D.W.



Danny Williamson is an Author, Storyteller, Navy Veteran, Poet & Hi-Five Giver ~ with a passion to awaken joy in everyday life! Danny is currently the Director for Speaking Louder (Jeremy Camp, Founder), and the Chief Joy Officer at The Collective Global, a cultural consulting firm. Danny has more than 16 years of leadership and ministry experience, serving as a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy, a Co-Founder & Director of a non-profit mission organization, a church-planting missionary in Argentina, and an associate pastor in CA. His educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in religion and a master’s degree in executive leadership.

His published book Where’s the Joy? has just released this June, 2019!!

Originally from California, Danny now resides in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife Michelle and their three adventurous young boys—Isaac, Malakai and Josiah. He enjoys coffee, jet lag, international travel, camping, basketball, poetry, date nights with his bride, and hang time with his boys.