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what everyone is asking for but can’t identify…

We all want some … 

People like joy, but sometimes they don’t know how to put a name on it. We want to experience a joyful life, but it may seem like a fallacy or unattainable Christmas bonus. Our world seems to be searching every possible avenue for joy. Billions are looking for a happy and satisfied life. Their search comes in all shapes and sizes. Climbing the corporate ladder, swiping through Tinder, binge shopping on Amazon Prime, vegging out on Netflix and Hulu, or pursuing another online degree. We play endless rounds of golf, take another Carnival Cruise, sip extra doses of gin and juice, attend the latest self-help retreat, and read The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu. Thinking, “If I just do ‘this’ today I will be happy.” But we still come up short. We run on an endless treadmill, pursuing satisfaction and fulfillment. We are insatiably hunting for lasting happiness and don’t even realize it.

Let’s step back for a second, and ask: “What am I trying to find?” Most likely, it’s joy. Joy is not a new concept, just a forgotten one. We are hungry for it. The longing for joy is increasing. Many are starting to ask the hard questions, write the books, sing the songs, and pen the poems in the pursuit of joy. However, joy remains a bit of an untouchable mystery.

Leading me to ask, Where’s the Joy?



What people are saying about the book: Where’s The Joy?

“Danny not only writes about joy in such a way as to make fun fundamental ... but he puts wheels on it and feet to his faith, fleshing out the word he so winsomely writes. If you want to read about joy from a man who is mastering its practice, then let this book read you.”
— Ben Courson : Author of Anthology of a Twenty-Year-Old-Soul and Founder of Hope Generation
“Finally! Where’s the Joy? is a sacredly simple book about reflecting, living and sharing joy. Williamson’s down-to-earth writing style and biblical foundations are an encouraging reminder that joy is not in the choosing, but in the being filled to overflow by Joy Himself. Every page will bring a smile to your face and a deeper call to know Joy intimately and be changed for the better!”
— Bekah Jane Pogue : Author, Retreat Speaker, Writing and Creative Coach, Spiritual Director-in-training and writer at
“God’s will for you is to experience His joy—Jesus made that clear (John 15:11). But how? Are there Biblical instructions or principles that will help a person be more joyful? There are! And Danny Williamson knows them and follows them. And it shows! He is one of the most joyful people I’ve ever known. If you sense a lack of joy in your life, read this book!”
— Charlie Campbell : Christian apologist and founder of
“Where’s The Joy? Truly answers the question that deep down everyone’s asking, and Danny does a remarkable job of communicating the extremely important concept that joy really is the solution for everything. This is both a lighthearted tale, and a profound message spoken with a refreshing vulnerability and authenticity. It is poetic and heartfelt, brought by a master in storytelling that will both inspire you and give you real tools to find and experience joy every day.”
— Mark Schneider : School of Ministry Director, Rock Church San Diego
“In a society that has so much bitterness towards one another because of conflicting views on life true Joy is absent. We try to find it in material or temporal things and are searching for a lasting Joy that cannot be taken from us because of time. Danny shares timeless joy in his book. Where’s the Joy? couldn’t have come at a better time than now. Believing in this truth that Jesus wants us to bask in his joy for us, knowing there have been people who have found it, and that it’s attainable is a real reality! Danny gives us that in Where’s the Joy? Thank you for this Danny, and I’m sure more will thank you for this timely read!”
— Jeremy Affeldt : Three-time World Series Champion of San Francisco Giants and Co-Founder of Generation Alive
“I absolutely enjoyed my friend, Danny Williamson’s new book Where’s The Joy?. What I loved the most was that this a book that Danny is uniquely gifted to write. Why? Because Danny is one of the most joyful people that I know. This book is a beautiful mix of delightful stories, profound insights and real life. Trust me, you’ll find joy here.”
— Daniel Fusco : Pastor, Crossroads Community Church (Vancouver, WA) and Author of Upward, Inward, Outward and Honestly
“Where’s The Joy is an incredible reminder that joy awaits us in ALL seasons. Danny Williamson teaches us the art of noticing where joy can be found and how we are to access it despite our circumstances. If you want to improve your ability to find joy in your life, this is the book for you! ” 
— Lance Villio : President, I Am Second /
“Finding a book that celebrates the path that I am in with my life can be challenging. I have recently realized that my darkest of pitfalls was what allowed me to make the greatest of triumphs. It’s a life journey that’s hard to mirror on those who need the guidance who are just starting on their path.
Danny, you really have a way with becoming vulnerable to the reader, reflecting on your life in a way that’s easy to envision, but substantial enough, make a full circle to connect the dots back to joy. As a touch onto chapter 5; I too am happy you are here with us today. You have a lot of joy to bring on to this world. High five buddy!”
— Aspen Luzier : Founder, Rebel for a Change /
“Read this book expectantly, for it will challenge your scope of how you can walk in genuine joy every minute of the day. Danny brings refreshing revelation that will lead you to be more connected to the Father’s heart by refocusing on the biggest to the smallest details of what He has created for His children to enjoy.”
— Andrew Nielson : Managing Director, YWAM Colorado Springs
“Who knew that what the world was missing was joy? Danny’s book is the glue society never knew they needed but something we have been searching for. We live in a chaotic and disjointed world that unconsciously is looking for answers to feel whole again. This book reminds us of the joy that God wants for each of His children. Simply stated there is no need to search for it. We need only to rediscover the gift that was given to us in the first place. Thank you, Danny. A higher power truly drives the words that flow from this book. Angels come in all forms … even in a book about one simple subject … JOY!”
— Deb Cantrell : Executive Chef/Owner of Savor Culinary Services /
“Danny has managed to write a book that is simultaneously challenging and easy to comprehend. When I dove into reading it, I predicted this book would teach me about joy.  What I didn’t foresee was how it would wreck me, and cause me to hunger for deeper levels of joy and intimacy with Jesus.
This wonderfully crafted book is going to be a tool that God uses to break the chains of depression in those who seek to rejoice in the Lord.”
— Alexandria Cooper : World Traveler, Author, & High School Student
“Where’s The Joy? Something I think all people desire is to be “happy”, but how is that possible when life seems far less than ideal? Through Danny’s stories and experiences of life’s greatest great moments and the worst of the worst moments, he paints a beautiful picture of the true unending joy that is available in intimacy with Jesus Christ. This simple and yet complex truth is described in this book in tangible ways through stories, scripture, poetry, and much more, to make the reader truly reflect and understand the availability of a joy that never ends, fades, or wavers. This book is a great breathe of fresh air that points to the everlasting joy found in a God who loves us.”
— Nate Dorman : Professional Surfer and Pastor of H2O Community Church
“If I was going to use one word to describe Danny Williamson, it would be the word Joy! Joy just exudes from the guy, which makes him a real gift to be around. One of the things I love about Danny is that he believes in a Big God who loves his people and is for his people and it is that belief that serves and the catalyst for Danny’s joy, which is clearly expressed in the pages of this book. Danny speaks and writes from the heart and with a witty and down to earth style that is easy to relate to. This book with be a blessing and help to everyone who reads it!” 
— Rob Salvato
 : Lead Pastor at Calvary Vista


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