Travel is a trip. Literally…

I’m always filled with a mix of emotions when I travel.

It all starts with the Uber ride from my free parking spot a mile away. I have about a 4 minute, 30 second conversation with a stranger who I probably will never see again in my lifetime. But if his or her car smells good, the conversation is usually fun and to the point. Where are you headed? Sports talk. Music. The Fam. You know, all the uncomplicated conversational jargon saved for Uber trips.

Then, the airport. Depending if I’m traveling international or domestic, there is the baggage check. Today was a bit complicated since I had a suitcase full of books and the check in guy wasn’t budging when my bag was 4 lbs. over. So, I then proceeded to open up my suitcase in front of strangers to repack, wondering how many people saw my freshly folded socks and undies. I’ll never know. But isn’t that the fun of it. I swear I weighed my bag on my personal scale at home. Guess I’m a bit heavier than I thought I was. Finally, bags are checked and I’m off to the races.

Next up. Security check. I think the best $85 bucks I ever spent was signing up for TSA pre-check. So rad. I didn’t have to flash the hole in my right sock because I get to keep my shoes on when we pass through the magic radiation underpass. And. The line is sooooo much shorter. Absolutely love it.

Now onto the waiting game. Sometimes a wait in line to grab a cup of coffee. Other times, a quick snack. And others, a mad rush to the gate to board the plane. Today was pretty chill. So I sat down next to more strangers, and looked around. What did we do before smart phones? Sit and look at each other? Man, talk about the “epidemic of text neck”. Sheesh. Next time you are waiting to board your flight, if you are not looking at your phone yourself, take a quick count of how many people are looking down at their phones while sitting at the airport. It’s nuts!

Once it’s time to board, I love to ask for an upgrade, just in case they wanted to move me to first class out of the kindness of their heart. Hasn’t worked yet, but I know if I keep knocking, one day the door will open. Still, one of my favorite moments is the time from the airport to the airplane. The handy dandy “jet bridge” where you cross the threshold of no return and enter the realm of time travel…

Time to buckle up, sit back, chew some gum to keep my ears from popping, and begin the journey of jet lag, new sites, engine blasts, and stale pretzels with some Ginger Ale. Why is Ginger Ale so popular on flights anyway?

Photo by  Keith Chan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Keith Chan on Unsplash