"Good Friday"


Why in the world would this day be called “Good”?

A perfect Man just took the sin from my hand.

He suffered the weight of death upon the splintering wood - I should

be facing the wrath of my sin & transgression… 

confession of a lesson I still don’t comprehend.

this some-ONE, somehow, someway — just took my place of disgrace

now I see no trace of blunders, mistakes — 

I only see wonders — of grace.

He bleeds, redeems, retrieves — 

my heart from loneliness, brokenness, & shame.

His name

covering stains — His Spirit proclaims

a sound similar to a broken Lamb facing the slaughter.

Is this how He rescues His sons & daughters?

His gracious adoration stirs new ingredients of contemplation,

I see a new nation - who would call this Friday - “Good”.

Oh. I see. 

His love & suffering 

was not in vain or useless - but rather redeeming.

It is GOOD, because this dark skied Friday

covered by canopy of lament

I can’t help but repent —

when I look into eyes of pure affection, compassion — the reflection

of His Father’s adoration of my feeble complexion 

no longer able to mask with make-up and acting

my knees now trembling

soon touching — 

dirt mixed with sweat, water, & blood that is not my own.

A gentle voice from a holy throne

grabs my attention. I stop. I listen.


you. are. forgiven.

I think I just discovered and maybe uncovered

the one of many reasons

why this season I can call Friday 


Photo by    Dylan McLeod    on    Unsplash