I know in many places of the world, snow is a common thread, often dreaded, and piled high in our driveways or on our rooftops. But here in Nashville, when it snows, something happens in our southern hipster world. We pause… Cars slow down. Elementary school take the opportunity for a “snow day”. There is something to be said for this. Our western society is sometimes in such a fast-paced frenzy. Our whirlwinds of social media, our ongoing meetings, our never-ending parent duties of taking the kiddos to sports practice, and our love for entertainment sometimes restricts us from the simple “pause”. That is why I like it when it snows in Nashville. We slow down…


first sight of snow today. causing a pause. 

a stillness.

a witness – 

to His glory. To His name. 

His fame spread – through every snowflake, 

He makes no mistake,

in how He designed me. His love sees,

His love breathes,

hope into my lungs, His song is sung

over my feeble heart, my futile soul,

my troubled mind – Lord, make me whole…

trust makes sense, but it is never easy,

He completely asks me –

rest. breathe. trust. believe. 

Photo by  Aaron Burden  on  Unsplash