Pen & Paper

 All because of the onions. We were living in Mar del Plata, Argentina and my wife asked me to run to the store to buy some onions. So, I hopped in our little VW car, tossed my man purse in the back and drove about 5 minutes down the street. I parked about 50 feet from the grocery store, then ran in to get those blasted onions. Those ended up not being the only thing blasted. I came out to find my back window busted and my bag was gone. The only thing that mattered to me in that bag. A journal I had been keeping for the past 3 years. Record of all my travels, my poems, my dreams on paper. Gone. Oh man, what a loss. But I still believe — writing things down is beneficial to the soul… I won’t see those words again. But I’m so glad I wrote them down. Because I processed. I explored imagination.

 Stuff gets bottled up. Pressed tight. How can it release? How do we deal with the pressure? Maybe we just need to let off some steam. Vent our frustrations on paper or screen. Maybe not to post for the world to view. Just thoughts to pour out on paper. Both good and bad thoughts. Struggles and strains. Conflicts and pains. Maybe someone will read it. Maybe not. Either way, just write. 

Trust the process. 

 It’s a way of looking in the mirror. A dream project. A wrestle match with thoughts. Think about the Psalms. David let off some steam, asked God to break his enemies’ teeth, and then finally came to his senses and gave praise to God. 

Maybe we should stop scrolling the latest Instagram feed or checking our FB status. Maybe we should break out the pen and paper. The old-school type stuff. It’s kind of like self-counseling. 

 Try it…

Photo by  Álvaro Serrano  on  Unsplash

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash