The question of Where’s The Joy? seems to be a lifeline and even a lifetime of questions developed over time. I have found of late how I’m not the only one who has this inquiry. My wife and I just spent some time visiting her mom in San Dimas, CA. She was going through some old boxes and pictures, only to come across this bit of heartfelt poetry she had penned back in 2001. She had some major questions. Questions we all seem to come across in this life of faith. Sincere and forthright, she penned the pondering emotion of her heart. 

As I reflect upon her words, it’s comforting to know in life’s most raw and perplexing moments, God welcomes our questions. He welcomes our troubled hearts.

I find it interesting how she also wrote this, almost prophetically, just 4 days before 9/11. It’s as if she saw a glimpse of the heartbreak and heartache people would be feeling 96 hours later. Here is the thing. God knows the sorrows and fears we carry. He knows the trials and turmoil life brings our way. I suggest we pour out our hearts a bit more, like we see in the piece of poetry below…

Maybe you find yourself in a similar season of questioning. Where are You when life takes a turn. Where are You when death, divorce, or disease knock on my door?

Where did You go? Where is my passion for life?

Where… is the joy?



Written by Michelle Williamson on September 7, 2001


What is it that You are doing in my life?

And is it a good thing?

Are You building character in me…

Or is this chastening?

Am I paying for my mistakes…

Reaping what I’ve sown?


What is it you want from me?

Do you want patience or persistence?

And why does it seem You are nowhere to be found?

Has Your presence left me for a time…

So I might seek Thee?

That He might teach me?

Are you hiding…

Or is there something I don’t see?


What am I missing?

What am I doing wrong?

Where did the passion go?

Where did Your Spirit go?

Where did the joy go?

Did it depart from me?

Did I make it go away?

Or did you take it away?

And why?


Where did the words go?

Did you seal my mouth to speak?

Did you shut my mind to think?

Did you freeze my heart to love?

And why?


Will I ever see…

What Your true will is for me?

Did I ever know?

Did I disobey?

Did I take a wrong turn?

Am I lost?

Help me find my way…