Will a joyful expectation be spoken, more than tokens for the broken?

Life of casualty, longing for reality – 

 story, bringing joyful glory 

to the One who makes me …

What will be said of this personalized narrative?

Real and true, seeing past and viewing through

stained glass windows on the other side of pain.

The epitaph meant to last – into legacy choices

of agape, grace, and freedom songs …

Joy is lived, longed for, embraced.

Taking me to the place of deepened reality, 

surprising generosity, and fascinating complexity 

of meaning, purpose, wonder, and choice.

The choice of horizon views, beyond the shame,

choosing the Name ~ above all names, to proclaim

to the masses …

Yet, as time passes,

Too quick to notice a smile before me, 

the mid-life crises unfolding, 

or the wife of youth I’m called to be exploring.

Making the choice of joyful transformation,

daring to dream and imagine …

the beauty of relationship,

with a Joyful Galaxy Builder

who braved the elements of heartache and pain

to risk His story, legacy and name,

to love a sinner like me …

I have a joyful anticipation …