In preparing for a message I will be sharing this weekend, which has to do with “relationships”. I’ll be talking about how every relationship should consist of 4 things: Trust. Love. Giving. Forgiveness. I also jotted down this poem while processing…


Walking, talking, breathing, believing. 

What am I seeing? Is it two lives redeeming - time.

Sublime purpose to co-exist, experience bliss, 

reminisce, turn and twist through

journeys of love, both agape and fileo. 

The giving tree is monumental.

to produce fruit with roots. of forgiveness.

Trust built on bloodied cross

hope maintained - redeeming loss

of that which once seemed unredeemable…

Relationship / Kinship / Friendship

Maybe we could call this - 

a wish for perfect union,

a desire for holy communion

between forgiven sinners, once hungry beggars,

no longer left alone strangers. But rather

rope holding lovers, or twine connected brothers,

or cord bonded sons and mothers,

Fathers collecting wonders — 

of laughter, through tears, 

long days - short years.

This… is Relationship. 

This is what Jesus intended

Hearts mended, broken lives blended

into His tapestry of grace / let’s replace the space between us

With comforting hugs and kisses

With warm gentle words and wishes

Washing over hurtful offenses 

because this… is Relationship.

My new friend in Uganda…

My new friend in Uganda…