On the way out the door this morning something was missing.

But it wasn’t just some thing. It was the thing that holds things.

Valuable small piece of leather, holding plastic and paper together

I began to really wonder whether — or not

the feathers of lost wings began to fly away with my things…

Did I lose it?

Was it stolen?

Did the kids highjack my pockets?

I’m definitely sure. I don’t have it anymore.

It’s not on my shelf, not in my room

But wait. I have to fly away on an airplane soon.

I need the pictured plastic piece of ID.

The folded green stuff comes in handy

& cards of debit remind me

that it might be time to call Wells Fargo…

Oh no, where did it go?

The wifey gives the pizza joint a final call.


The people designing crusts saw it drop

& held onto it when it was time to mop,

then waited for me to stop on by to pick it up.

It was this fantastic ever important thing we call —

a wallet.